Friday, November 9, 2007

IrishGlory Q&A

I wanted to address some questions I have received this week:

1. Q: What do you think of the decision to start Jimmy Clausen?

A: If Jimmy is healthy, and that is a big if, then it is absolutely the right decision. At this point, I think Jimmy's hip and other bruises are more of an impediment than his arm. I think his arm has benefited the most from not starting. Coach Weis has made the decision that Jimmy is healthy enough to go and I am anxious to see him play. It is plainly obvious that Jimmy is the present and future of this team. What Coach Weis is hoping by making the move now is that the Irish can win a few games down the stretch this season, which will give Jimmy confidence, and help guys rally around Jimmy a little bit. The offseason will be a lot brighter if the team and fans go through it feeling pretty confident that our QB position is in good hands. If Jimmy can play well and win, it will also help him become more of a leader in the offseason.

2. Q: I can't believe the Irish lost to Navy! Do you see any way they can beat Air Force?

A: Yes, I do. I read a lot of people talking about Navy and Air Force as if they are the same team. They are not. Air Force is not as punishing on the ground as Navy, but they throw the ball better. I also believe Air Force has a better defense. Here are my keys to the game. If the Irish are going to win, they need to, at a minimum, do these two things:
1. Win the first quarter, get a lead
2. Run the football
You can mark it down now. If the Irish get down in this game early, or struggle to run the ball, this could get ugly. Real ugly. The reason I say that is because Air Force has a much better pass rush than Navy, to the tune of 3 times as many sacks. I believe the Irish are a mentally fragile team and if they get down early or can't run, Air Force will move in for the kill.

3. Q: Ian Williams looked good against Navy after Pat Kuntz got hurt. Do you think Williams will beat out Kuntz and be the starter next year?

A: Coach Weis was asked a similar questions about Ian this past week. What I expect to happen is that in the 3-4 alignment next year, you will see Kuntz shift outside to Trevor Laws' spot and Ian play NG. If Justin Brown comes back for a 5th year, I think that is your starting D Line. In the 4-3 alignment (which the Irish play a lot more than people think), I believe Kuntz will slide inside and play with Williams at DT, while a guy like Kerry Neal and/or Mo Richardson will slide down and play DE. Incoming freshmen can also work their way into the mix as well.

4. Q: Who is the most important remaining recruit for the Irish?

A: In my opinion, it is Trevor Robinson, OL from Nebraska. Trevor is a kid that the Irish staff identified and targeted from the very beginning of this recruiting cycle. They really like his size and the attitude he plays with. Trevor committed to Nebraska earlier this season, but has since re-opened his recruitment. I believe the Irish are in his top 2 with Nebraska. There are a lot of rumors floating around, but I think we should see how the Nebraska situation plays out. Trevor can play either guard or tackle at the next level, though personally I see him more as a guard.


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SubwayDomer26 said...

1. I agree. Start Jimmy. Evan has been less than good the past 2 weeks. He hasn't been bad, but now is the time to see what Jimmy can get done with a healthy arm. Basically... Why Not?
2.We can AND will beat AFA. We are not outmanned. Carney is a very good QB for AFA, but I think their defense will be suspect as they like to blitz a lot and are not athletic enough to keep up. The question will be Weis's play calling. It needs to be more wide open and create more possesions for the Irish,
3. Agree on all points made by you. Ian Williams is going to be very good. And I think Justin Brown will definitly be back for next year. Good.
4. Without a doubt trevor Robinson. However, I will say that I think ND HAS to offer Will Compton and try to get that 5th LB. We play a 3-4 and the more LBs the better. This is a great year for them, so snagg them while you can.

ND: 41
AFA: 27

IrishGlory said...

Subway - Thank you for responding. I do not see the Irish going after Will Compton, though. I think if they take a 5th LB (which I doubt) it would be someone more like Sabino (who I know just committed elsewhere) or Arthur Brown or Shayne Hale, who I feel are extreme longshots

SubwayDomer26 said...

Hayle and Brown are longshots, like not going to come at all longshots. I just feel that if there is a spot open, Compton would do nicely. He is better than Nagel and Paskorz from what I can gather on HS tape of all 3.

ND will not offer Compton until he decommits from Nebraska.

IrishGlory said...

Personally I don't think they will offer Compton, regardless, unless they feel that they will suffer a decommitor a transfer at the LB position. From what I have seen of Compton, I would slot him between Nagel and Paskorz. I rank them: 1. Pazkorz 2. Compton 3. Nagel